May 14-16, 2008

Victoria (BC), Canada


List of accepted papers

The Time Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction
Patrick Traxler

A Linear Kernel for Planar Feedback Vertex Set
Eelko Penninkx and Hans L. Bodlaender

Exact Algorithms for Edge Domination
Johan M. M. van Rooij and Hans Bodlaender

An O*(1.0977^n) exact algorithm for max independent set in sparse graphs
Nicolas Bourgeois, Bruno Escoffier and Vangelis Paschos

FPT algorithms for path-transversals and
cycle-transversals problems in graphs
Sylvain Guillemot

New fixed-parameter algorithms for the minimum quartet inconsistency problem
Maw-Shang Chang, Chuang-Chieh Lin and Peter Rossmanith

A Purely Democratic Characterization of W[1]
Michael Fellows, Danny Hermelin, Moritz Mueller and Frances A. Rosamond

Fixed Structure Complexity
Yonatan Aumann and Yair Dombb

Parameterized Derandomization
Moritz Mueller

Some fixed-parameter tractable classes of hypergraph duality and related problems
Khaled Elbassioni, Matthias Hagen and Imran Rauf

A tighter bound for counting max-weight solutions to 2SAT instances
Magnus Wahlström

An Improved Fixed-Parameter Algorithm for Minimum-Flip Consensus Trees
Sebastian Boecker, Quang Bao Anh Bui and Anke Truss

Parameterized Complexity of the Smallest Degree-Constrained Subgraph Problem
Omid Amini, Ignasi Sau and Saket Saurabh

Wheel-free deletion is W[2]-Hard
Daniel Lokshtanov

Parameterized Chess
Allan Scott and Ulrike Stege

Parameterized complexity and approximability of the SLCS problem
Sylvain Guillemot

Capacitated Domination and Covering: A Parameterized Perspective
Michael Dom, Daniel Lokshtanov, Saket Saurabh and Yngve Villanger

University of Victoria